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Don’t take advantage of someone when they’ve been by your side through thick and thin. Don’t push them away when they cared for you the most. They just want to make you happy and not see you down. 

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Being alone


I’m usually better off being alone,it’s where I can actually escape from reality and be in my own little world. There’s just times where I want to escape  from reality,not think about what people think of me,and not really care in what so ever. 

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I always wonder who thinks of me.

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You’re full of bullshit
I despise that I adore you

It’s the reason why multiple people have insecurities. They’re  telling us we’re not “perfect” or “skinny” enough. They’re telling us that we should be looking like Supermodels,we should be a size 0 instead of a size 2+,we shouldn’t be original and follow the hype. They’re always pointing out our flaws,telling us we’re ugly and not perfect to fit their standards. There’s too many people thinking they’re ugly and not worth anything because of society. Society is just eating them alive,making them feel worthless not perfect enough. 

I love you,but I hate you at the same time.
Lazy People.

I seriously envy lazy people,you have two arms,legs & hands for a reason. They’re there to help you out for a reason. Quit making someone get your shit for you,you do not know how annoying it is just running back and forth. Quit relying on people to get you stuff when you can get it yourself. I’d understand if you’re ill or anything,but seriously,you just sitting on your ass all day doesn’t prove anything. You can get it yourself,it’s just really ticks me off. 

I don’t get why we girls want an asshole as a boyfriend who doesn’t treat you right and puts you through bullshit. But once you two breakup you want a nice guy who would treat you right,but then us girls are putting the nice guy in the “Friend Zone”